Magnetic North // East EP

by I Am Machi

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Magnetic North is an album about & inspired by Canada with 16 songs divided across 4 EPs. Each EP is designated to one region of Canada (North, South, East, & West). This is the second installment, EAST. Listen Loud...

[Recorded and mixed by I Am Machi. Recorded upstairs at Transcend Coffee in Edmonton, AB]


released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


I Am Machi Edmonton, Alberta

[beautifully heavy; wayfaring souls]

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Track Name: Jawbreaker
A lie this size won't fit through my teeth so comfortably.
And when my jaw gives way, somebody's bound to notice.
But a perfect smile is worth it for a while, a perfect smile...

Well it's ear to ear, and you're trusted like an enemy.
It won't be long before your teeth betray you.
So hold your tongue, before they cut it loose, hold your tongue...

What do you do, who do you turn into,
when the Devil begins to show his roots?
Is it turn your head and flee?
Or "Get behind me!"?
Or some form of catch and release?
Of a creature that has dug in long ago; begins to show his hold.
Track Name: Mud
Ill news is an ill guest.
Ill news is an ill guest.
So, pray he doesn't show,
pray he doesn't show,
pray he doesn't show.

Like cigarettes in the fog,
I'm a poison in your blood.
So point out my disease,
and I'll recede into the mud.

Forked tongues behind teeth or in cheeks,
well they're of no concern to me.
When you're trusted like a crook,
your enemies are thick as thieves.
Track Name: Static Mathematic
Well I left my courage in your belly, in your current.
And it rolled down to the tracks.
My body aches from you holding me down.
And I'm never coming back,
No I'm never coming back.

The static increased as we crept down the street.
And I don't want to be here, but we need to sleep.
Come and tell me that I'm too young and that I should know better.
Come and tell me I should remain the same, down to the letter.

But everything you do these days is out of obligation,
see the thing is, you're a temporary walking calculation.
You are left, right, left, right, left, right, left.
Repetition it wears, repetition is death.
Left, right, left, right, left, right, left.
Repetition, repetition!
Track Name: Old & New
I don't know where I am.
I don't know where to start.
Which sorry too save for last place--
--we're in last place!

And God, oh my God, I'm out of warnings.
And God, oh my God, I'm out of sorrys.

This town it makes me heavy,
makes me wander in my sleep,
it makes me call into the haze,
it makes me batten down the keep!

And cry into the milk black--
--a whisper, a plea,
of who I used to be, of who I used to be.
I am the leaky sink in your RV,
I'm the dust on the pant leg of your favourite blue jeans.

Don't lose me in the old and new,
don't leave without a fight,
I'm caught in a wave that won't crash over me,
and I don't feel the same.